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Our Services

Network design and implementation
System maintenance and repair
System/Software Upgrades  
Virus removal and prevention
Spyware repair and prevention
Preventative maintenance programs
Data backup and recovery
Desktop and Network Support
IT Asset Management
Network documentation
Messaging systems
Remote administration
Remote access
VPN Implementation
Network diagnosis and troubleshooting
Wireless Networking
Network Migration
And more, just ask!

Vembu - Backup and Diaster Recovery
Vembu - Backup and Diaster Recovery


    We specialize in Microsoft networks, and work with a wide variety of systems, including Macintosh and Linux/Unix.  We are often faced with market specific applications and we excel at on the job training, learning the ins and out of your industry.  This way we can tailor your system to your unique needs.  We can work tandem with your software vendor to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Labor Rates are $140/hr

Travel is $90/hr out of the Monterey Area

Onsite visit is a one hour minimum, billed at 1/2 hour increments thereafter

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